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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

We Offer Superb Garage Door Services

Do you want a taste of our garage door services? Check here the testimonials of the people who hired our help in the past

Excellent glass garage door installation

I love my glass garage door but I knew from the very start that glass is a peculiar material. So, I was kind of anxious when the technicians of Dickinson Garage Door Repair came to install it. I was thinking it might break or it might not be installed properly and then who would handle glass problems? I was anxious for no good reason! The technicians handle garage door installation with ease. I guess it's routine for them! I was watching them working and couldn't help but admire their technique. They worked perfectly with each other and the results were awesome!

Electric garage door repair

I know nothing about garage doors. I only know how to press the clicker to open and close the overhead door. Some friends think that it's irresponsible to have limited knowledge. On the other hand, it also keeps me from meddling with garage door repairs. I trust Dickinson Garage Door Repair for problems and services. The good thing is that the techs always respond fast. The other day the door wouldn't open properly and although it was a late Friday night, the tech was here fixing the door. The problem was fixed quickly. These guys make me feel safe!

Were here for opener repair

When I pressed the garage door clicker and saw the door reversing before reaching the floor, I immediately suspected problems with the opener and the reverse system. I called Dickinson Garage Door Repair although I was in a hurry to go. On the other hand, I couldn't leave the door open and just go! I appreciated that they arrived very fast for the service. The problem was terrible but the solution was simple. They adjusted the force limit of the opener, checked and repaired the sensors, and made sure the overhead door would close perfectly. I liked their thoroughness and fast arrival!

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